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Integrate powerful search into your applications effortlessly with Lixia Labs Search API.

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Lixia Labs Search ensures swift access to exactly what your users seek, defining unmatched speed and relevance.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly incorporate our robust search with a user-friendly API, enhancing your app's search effortlessly.

Unmatched Support

Connect with our team, including engineers, for personalized assistance ensuring your success, regardless of your account size.


$20 / mo.
  • 10 GB index size
  • 100k queries / month
  • Best-in-class support
  • Analytics
$50 / mo.
  • 50 GB index size
  • 500k queries / month
  • Best-in-class support
  • Analytics
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  • 50+ GB index size
  • 500k+ queries / month
  • Best-in-class support
  • Analytics

Why choose Lixia Labs Search

Hey there! 👋 As a seasoned developer with over a decade of experience, I get it – integrating search features into your projects is a universal need, and finding an affordable, off-the-shelf solution can be a real challenge. I've been there, tired of endlessly reinventing the wheel or managing yet another ElasticSearch cluster. That's why I built Lixia Labs Search - the search API that's here to simplify your life.

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